12 Beautiful Photos of Jerusalem, the City of Gold

Jerusalem is a city like no other, a city holy to three major religions, a city with an unrivaled history and equally rich present. Jerusalem’s a city with a unique aura in the air, a city where the golden stone buildings reflect and absorb the light like nowhere else. Some things can only happen in Jerusalem, and these photos reflect some of that magic. To see it all, you have to visit:

The eternal city – a 2,000 year old olive tree

This olive tree has stood over 2,000 years in the hills of Jerusalem. Image Flavio Grynszpan

Atop a mountain – sunset in the forests

Sunset over the Jerusalem Hills towards the sea. Image Or Hiltch

Immersed in trade

Jerusalem’s markets extend beyond the stalls. Image Or Hilch

With that beautiful golden stone – the German Colony

Stone houses in the German Colony. Image Laufer Izhar

Even snow is not unexpected – the walls of the Old City

Snow over the Old City. Image Laufer Izhar

Really, nothing is surprising – Samurai Fighters

Samurai fighters among the golden stone. Image Abkan

Jews pray at the Western Wall

The Kotel, Western Wall, is the holiest place for Jews. Image Neil Alderney

Muslims pray at the Dome of the Rock

A beautiful take on the Dome of the Rock. Image Trilli Bagus

And Christians pray at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher

Beautiful ceiling of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Image Neil Alderney

It’s a colorful city

Colorful stone streets. Image Betty Nudler

And a spicy city

Piles of spice in the Old City. Image Neil Alderney

But deep down, there’s something remarkable about it

In the valley below the Old City. Image qw