About Us

Omega Travel is a travel management company, business meeting facilitator, business travel agency , Sport group
and so much more.

Since 2000, we have been providing travel services to businesses and consumers around the world. With the power of our brands, such as Travel.com, and our industry-leading software, we can help your employees safely navigate the globe.

Omega Travel book only the best of the best, and we know the “insider” ways to make your travel experience truly special, truly hassle-free, and truly enriching. In addition to your sightseeing, we also arrange your accommodation, airport transfers, regional flights, visas, and other logistics in advance. We provide you with ongoing, firsthand travel advice and expertise. , all of which are staffed with experienced travel professionals who are available around the clock to ensure your comfort, safety, and enjoyment.

Omega is one of the best business travel management companies in the U.S., About 70% of our volume is in Leisure and vacation travel, and 30% overall is business travel. We serve corporations, nonprofits, government agencies, government contractors, educational institutions, and more.